Polaris Ace BuGGIES 

The ultimate thrill seekers ATV, fresh from America, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the Polaris ACE  Buggies at Henley Hillbillies. The first and only Off Road Centre to offer these machines in the entire United Kingdom.  

The recipe is simple; take one single seat buggy that combines the off road ability of a quad bike with the user friendly controls of an automatic dirt buggy (make sure it is equipped with a racing seat, harness and roll cage), combine it with the type of dirt track that we are renowned for designing, add a judicious splash of water in the right places and you have the recipe for a once in a lifetime event.  

The ACE has caused a massive splash across the pond with its great looks, nimble handling and unbeatable driver experience and now you have the opportunity to take a slice of the action, only at Henley Hillbillies.

Minimum age 16 years.




Polaris Ace