Things To Do In Dorset

17 October 2019

Family Activities in Dorset

So you’ve made the great decision to come to Dorset on your holiday. Dorset has one of the most beautiful coastlines to be found anywhere in the world (IMHO) and whilst we are short on sandy beaches (only Studland, Swanage and Weymouth) we have a range of pebbled beaches that are incredible and save the inevitable and incredibly annoying task of removing sand from everything that you own, for at least six months after you get home. The reliability of good summer weather is also an issue with the staycation particularly if you have children and finding things to do in Dorset for youngsters can be somewhat tricky. Luckily there are loads of fantastic, exciting activities in Dorset for you and your family and one of the best places to do them is Henley Hillbillies.

We have been providing outdoor activities for over 25 years in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Do you want to be like William Tell and shoot an apple from the top of someone’s head (we won’t let you do that, we’ll use a target!), smash a clay pigeon as it zooms overhead or experience the unique sensation of piloting a hovercraft as it glides effortlessly over the ground?

We have shooting events available from only £24 per person and off road motorsport from only £35 per person so your family can have a memorable and unique day out, without breaking the bank.

For more information visit or call 01300 345293