Promote effective communication within your team at Henley Hillbillies - Team Building in Dorset

08 October 2019

With the UK economy struggling and uncertainty over our exit from the EU, the business landscape is full of challenges. Inflation has put pressure on household budgets as costs have risen and wages have been at best static.  Businesses are also under pressure to perform and this trickles down to employees who are having more and more asked of them for less reward. This can lead to a workforce that becomes alienated from the business as a whole and individuals who feel isolated from their colleagues. Communication then inevitable suffers, which as we all know is the cornerstone to effective teamwork, so the net resulting in decreased productivity and achievement at a time when maintaining and even increasing these metrics is vital to the profitability of a business and essentially its survival.


So how to engage and motivate your staff?


When times are hard increasing remuneration isn’t an option so this is where off site teambuilding in Dorset comes in. Challenging your people with novel tasks in an unfamiliar environment is the perfect tool for this.


The novelty of the task removes the procedural framework of the working environment and when combined with an unfamiliar setting ensures that everyone can approach the challenge on an even footing. So the hierarchical structure is flat and equitable and there are no procedures to fall back on – how does a team succeed in this environment? The obvious answer is excellent teamwork but really what is required at the most basic level is effective communication because this underpins all the various components of great teamwork.

Another added benefit that translates directly back into the workplace environment comes from the opportunity to invert and muddle workplace structure. Individuals get the opportunity to undertake team roles which they are unaccustomed to and therefore can start to appreciate the difficulties that their colleagues experience in the workplace.

Ultimately investing in your staff not only allows them to grow individually and collectively but supports the notion that there is a long term interest in their development and that they are a valued in the longer term. Teambuilding also fosters goodwill and positivity amongst the team as well as boosting energy levels and refreshing attitudes.    


For these reasons now is the perfect time to invest in the people that make your business great, because promoting a positive team ethic and showing staff that they are valued, improves morale and leads to increased performance and productivity. Henley Hillbillies’ team building days provide an unrivalled opportunity to take everyone out of the familiar workplace environment in order to challenge them with new experiences, so that they bond with their colleagues and improve their ability to communicate and collaborate.

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